Oliver Burton, who has Down Syndrome, met the Queen of England (Helen Mirren)

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What This Hollywood Actress Did for Dying Boy With Down Syndrome May Bring a Tear to Your Eye

May. 21, 2013  Jason Howerton

For his dying wish, 10-year-old Oliver Burton wanted more than anything to visit Buckingham Palace and have afternoon tea with the Queen of England.

Burton, who has Down Syndrome, has reportedly been battling several types of cancer practically his entire life. Tragically, he was recently diagnosed with terminal spine and bone marrow cancer.

Unfortunately, the real Queen was unable to grant the dying boy his wish for whatever reason. Enter, Oscar-wining actress Helen Mirren.

Actress Helen Mirren Plays Queen for Dying 10 Year Old Boy

After learning about Burton’s wish, Mirren stepped up to the plate and invited the boy and his family to the Gielud Theatre to see her play the role of the Queen in Peter Morgan’s “The Audience.”

After the show, Mirren, still dressed as the Queen and in character, invited the 10-year-old backstage to have tea and cakes served by footmen. She also introduced Burton to her corgis.

“She stayed in character for the whole thing. Oliver thought she was the real Queen, and well, that’s good enough for us,” the boy’s father, James Browne, said, according to the Daily Mail.

Actress Helen Mirren Plays Queen for Dying 10 Year Old Boy

Mirren also knighted 10-year-old Oliver, giving him the official title of “Sir.”

“It was a pleasure and a privilege to meet such a brave young man,” the actress told The Sun.

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