People First of Canada

Do you know People First of Canada?

People First of Canada is the national voice of people who have been labelled with an intellectual disability. The vision of People First is to see all citizens living equally in the community.

About Us

A Word About Language

People First is an organization that was formed because some of the people in our communities felt that they were not considered as people first. They felt that they were talked about, talked to, thought about, and treated according to the disabilities that others labelled them with.

The founders of People First did not think this was fair. Over the years people have been called mentally handicapped, developmentally disabled, cognitively challenged, intellectually disabled, and many other labels.

In order to avoid hurting peoples’ feelings and to avoid using labels when we talk about the many different members of People First, we will use the term people who have been labelled.

Our Vision

Our Vision of People First is of a movement of people who want all citizens to live equally in the community.

Our Goals

The main goals of People First of Canada are to:

  • Promote equality for all people who have been labelled
  • Speak for ourselves and make our own decisions
  • Educate the community about our movement and our issues

Our Mission

People First exists to:

  • Support people who have been labelled to speak for themselves and to help each other, and
  • Help make sure that what people who have been labelled have to say is heard.

Our Roles

Some of the things that People First does:

  • Protect the voice of the people,
  • Act on what people say,
  • Identify issues about which people can speak, and
  • Bring people together so they can help each other.

People First of Canada also:

  • Supports members helping each other,
  • Creates opportunities and events for people to speak up and be heard,
  • Provides encouragement and models for action, and
  • Develops information about issues and action.
People First of Canada must be an organization directed and controlled by people who have been labelled.

People First of Canada
Suite 5, 120 Maryland Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3G 1L1

Phone: (204) 784-7362
Members’ Phone: 1-866-854-8915
Fax: (204) 784-7364

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