A school for students with intellectual disabilities or/and autism

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Month of autism: Peter Hall School in a league of its own

Students benefit from going to school. There, they will learn skills and become more independent.

April is the month of autism, an initiative that aims to inform and raise awareness. For Jean Laliberté, president of the Peter Hall School, autism is part of his everyday life.

The Peter Hall School welcomes students with intellectual disabilities or with pervasive developmental disorders, such as autism. On the 494 students that attend the school, 200 are autistic children who also live with an intellectual disability.

« Our students benefit from our individualized programs, informs Mr. Laliberté. We follow the Minister’s program but we adapt it to our students. We develop an individual intervention plan for each student, with a certain amount of objectives. We do not set a learning speed for our students: they set their own. »

A welcomed help for parents

The Peter Hall School, who has two campuses on Saint-Laurent’s territory, also accepts students from the Greater Montreal. From 4 to 21, they are usually referred by School Boards.

« The objective here is not to leave with a high school diploma, notes the president. Our ultimate goal is to develop to the fullest the independence of our students. »

The very specialized school offers classes in French and English. Besides, 69% of the students follow their classes in English.

« Schools like ours really deserve to be known, says Mr. Laliberté. Some parents, for various reasons, still keep their children at home. Parents need to know that we have a place for their children here. Not only does this allow them to get a little respite: it gives the children socialization skills. »

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