From Ups and Downs, a book of portraits of Down Syndrome people

From The Ups and Downs Association, in Calgary:

Lightness – Portraits and Stories of Individuals with Down Syndrome

(The 2009 CDSS Print Media Award Winning Book!)

Celebrating National Down Syndrome Awareness Week, Ups and Downs Association is launching its beautiful new book – « Lightness » Portraits and Stories of Individuals with Down Syndrome.  The book is a collaboration between the Association, member families of persons with Down syndrome and Noah Fallis – a local photographer.

Noah Fallis is a renowned Commercial & Fashion Photographer.  Wanting to give back to the community, and because of his association with individuals with Down syndrome, Fallis wanted to create a coffee table book that featured families who have a member with Down syndrome, believing that the beauty he seeks to portray is in every individual, regardless of their ability.

We learn and remember through pictures – across languages and cultural barriers but information is also communicated through « stories ».  The combination of pictures and authentic stories to inform the broader community about children and families touched by Down syndrome is both unique and powerful.  It is our goal that this book will help build positive attitudes towards individuals with Down syndrome.

The book can be ordered through Ups and Downs by calling our office at 403-289-4394.  Created in two different sizes, our beautiful 12″x12″ hard-covered coffee table size is $100.00, while our 7″x7″version is $45.00.

TO ORDER click here.

Click here for information on our book in a PDF format.


What is Ups and Downs?

Who We Are

Ups and Downs is a registered, non-profit, volunteer-run organization for parents, families and friends of people with Down syndrome. Founded in 1984 by a group of concerned parents, Ups and Downs now provides a wide variety of services and personal involvement opportunities to the Calgary area and Southern Alberta.

Our Vision

A future where all individuals with Down syndrome and their families feel supported and connected in a community that fosters an environment of acceptance.  Read more.

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