An advice in Ghana: ‘Don’t hide children with intellectual disability’

From GraphicOnline:

Auberon Jeleel Odoom Photo Inclusion Ghana

Parents of children with intellectual disability (ID) have been advised not to hide or confine their children, but to ensure their proper development and integration into society.

Mr Auberon Jeleel Odoom, National Co-ordinator of Inclusion Ghana, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which focuses on children with intellectual disability, made the call at a gathering of parents of children with ID from all over Ghana in Accra last Thursday.

He appealed to the parents to acquire knowledge on ID to enable them take good care of their children.

Mr Odoom asked society to stop the stigmatisation of such children so that their parents would stop confining them.

He called on the government to enact laws, specifically relating to the handling of ID children, to prevent them from being abused and discriminated against.

He called for the placement of special doctors at the various government hospitals to take good care of ID children since they needed special care when they fell sick.

Mr Odoom said the NGO was working to educate parents of children with ID on how to take good care of them.

He said the NGO had branches in all of the 10 regions, and called on parents with ID children to seek more information and knowledge on handling their children.

Mr Odoom expressed his appreciation to STAR Ghana for donating funds to the NGO to implement its activities.

“We have also received $20,000 from the Disability Right, an American NGO, to specifically help us address issues pertaining to discrimination against children with ID,” he said.

Mr Odoom appealed to parents of children with ID to send them to special schools established for such children.

In an open forum, parents appealed to one another to always ensure that their children were well dressed, report teachers and people who abused such children to the appropriate authorities and also spend more time with their children. — GNA

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