Best Buddies against the hurtful nature of the « R-word »

From the website of Best Buddies:

Best Buddies Chapters spreading the word across the country

All across Canada, Best Buddies chapters are organizing campaigns to create awareness of the hurtful nature of the « R-word ».

As part of the R-Word campaign, Best Buddies chapter members are encouraging people in their communities and schools to take a pledge to stop using the « R word ». In Vancouver, the Argyle Secondary Best Buddies chapter created a video demonstrating the knowledge Vancouverites have on the subject and what their opinion was on the use of the R-word. In May 2012, the chapter received media attention for their campaign, helping to spread the word even further!

Two students at Christ the King in Georgetown, Ontario developed an awareness campaign focused on the people who use the « R word » and may not realize its negative impact on others. The campaign was very successful! It involved two assemblies for the school’s staff and students and a video they created starring Christ the King Secondary School’s own students with special needs.

Students from Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School in Oakville also organized a campaign in March, presenting to the entire school and making announcements on each day of the week. Students took the pledge to not use the « R word » and were given stickers to show their support.

Has your chapter organized an « R word » campaign? Have you taken the pledge to stop using the « R word »? Let us know!

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