Waterford Intellectual Disability Association

Please meet the Waterford Intellectual Disability Association (WIDA):


WIDA Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a service which supports and empowers the people who avail of our service and their families to live a fulfilled and dignified life.

We aim to promote independence, dignity, respect and to provide opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities that are based upon the services users’ own choice that enhance their quality of life.

To this end we are committed to providing quality services that meet national quality and best practice standards, and to improving these services continually.

Person Centred Service

The operation of the service flows from the needs, wants, goals and aspirations of the service user, contained within their agreed Person Centred Plan. The level of support provided to service users will be determined by the requirements of the plan. This is to ensure that each individual is prepared for the service and that their experience is a positive one.

Waterford Intellectual Disability Association Limited (WIDA) is a Limited Company, overseen by a Voluntary Committee comprising parents & friends of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

WIDA through its services, seeks to promote the inclusion and independence of persons with intellectual disabilities through:-
Supported living
Respite provision

Service development

Awareness in the community
This vision is a potent symbol of our aspirations as we strive to maximise participation in the
community for those whom we serve, so that they can lead full and fulfilled lives.
In a climate of the conflicting pressures of increasing demand and reducing resources, WIDA has defined what is important:
  • service users, guests & tenants – providing them with high quality, responsive & efficient services
  • staff – managing individuals in a way which motivates, supports, recognises achievements and respects diversity
  • innovation – continually looking for opportunities to extend and improve the services we provide
  • communication – communicate honestly and openly, listening carefull to what others have to say
  • accountability – meeting our commitments to service users, guests, tenants, families, staff, statutory authorities and the wider local community
  • efficiency – achieving the highest standards while providing value for money
  • quality – set and adhere to quality standards throughout our service provision
These values underpin all we aim to do and from them we have defined our goals, which define our direction and the targets we can realistically set ourselves as an association serving service users, guests, staff & tenants in the broadest sense.
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