Dissolution of Autism Rights Watch

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Dissolution of Autism Rights Watch

Despite the individual good work of its founders, particularly in France and in Florida, Autism Rights Watch, inc. has never been able to gather enough momentum to start sustainable operations as a nonprofit corporation. The good spirit of the team has been altered by trust problems between founders and by compliance problems. As a result, the organization never functioned as a proper Delaware non-profit corporation. Therefore, David Heurtevent, initial director and incorporator, has decided to dissolve the Corporation effective today [March 3], before it starts operations as a 501c3 corporation.

Alex Plank and David Heurtevent thank you for your support. Please join Alex Plank at wrongplanet.net, as Alex is considering launching a new organization with a similar purpose.

David Heurtevent will act as liquidator of Autism Rights Watch and GRASP, an autism 501c3 non-profit organization of New York City, has been named recipient of the remaining assets, if any, under article 7 and 8 of the article of incorporation.

The Facebook group will be closed next week and the websites will be shut down in the coming days.

Please continue to support other self-advocacy autism non-profit organizations that share our commitment to a better life and social inclusion for the person on the autism spectrum and other related special needs.

Claims and queries should be directed to: “Autism Rights Watch, inc. – David Heurtevent, liquidator – 942 Calvary Avenue NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504. Phone: (917) 280 0528. Email: david@heurtevent.org

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