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About sports for Learning/Intellectually Disabled Athletes

The UK Sports Association for People with Learning Disability (UKSA) was established in 1980.

UKSA is an umbrella organisation working with organisations from grass roots sport through to elite performance to promote, facilitate and support talented sports with people with learning disability in the UK to train, compete and excel in national and international sport, including the INAS-FID Global Games and the Paralympic Games.

UKSA’s role is unique as it is the only organisation for sport for people with learning disability that has a UK wide remit and manages the UK and INAS-FID classification system for all athletes in the UK. UKSA is recognised by UK Sport, is the only official Great Britain member of INAS-FID and is a member of the British Paralympic Association.

Classification will be required for all athletes competing at an international level. Classification will be required for some, but not all competitions in the UK. There are four target sports only for athletes with intellectual disability in the London 2012 Paralympic Games. These are swimming, athletics, table tennis and rowing. However it is likely that only the sports of swimming, athletics and table tennis will have representation. All will require athletes to have an international classification.

It is important to note that “learning disability” is the term used in the UK. “Intellectual disability” is used internationally. Both refer to the same group of athletes


There are two levels of classification – UK and International (INAS-FID). All athletes must meet the primary eligibility criteria. These are:

• IQ – a person must have an IQ of 75 or less

• Limitations in adaptive behaviour – a measure of how the persons learning disability affects both daily life and their ability to respond to life changes, environmental demands.

• Age of Onset pre 18 – a person’s learning disability must have been evident before they reached 18 years old.

For both UK and International (INAS-FID) classification, an application form, together with evidence through reports, results and professionally administered tests will be required. It should also be noted that International (INAS-FID) classification will also require the athlete to complete stage 2 of classification “sport specificity”. The sports specificity criteria will be announced during 2010 and will measure how a persons learning disability effects their ability to perform in their sport.

To find out more about classification and sport for people with learning disability in the UK, contact

The UK Sports Association for People with Learning Disability
1st Floor
12 City Forum
250 City Road
London EC1V 2PU
Tel: 0207 490 3057
Fax: 0207 251 8861


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