Videos on the autonomy and the daily life of people with intellectual disabilities

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Videos on the autonomy and the daily life of people with intellectual disabilities or behavioral disorders

Making a difference – Assistannant (autonomy is valuable)

Assistannant features Zoe, embodied by a person living with an intellectual disability. Launched as part of the Semaine québécoise intellectual disability, this video raises the importance of independence and social participation for Zoë.

The video takes a look at the autonomy of people with disabilities. intellectual video explains this need. The audience sees the tools adapted to people with intellectual disabilities. The video highlights their abilities and their determination to participate fully in society. An invitation to focus on our similarities and the capabilities of the 200,000 people with intellectual disabilities in Quebec.

The FQCRDITED invites you to explore the potential of Zoe and that each of us is an actor of change to ensure that it fully plays its role in society.

The video was directed by Oui Marketing.

Part 1


Part 2


Making a difference – the newspaper of Luc

Luc daily features a person with a pervasive developmental disorder. Launched on the Web in the month of autism, this video invites us to discover the many faces of autism through Luc and his passions.

The video takes the Viewer to look at the nine people with a PDD development, their interests, their passions, their capabilities and especially opportunities that they. Video we are through the history of Luc and could be more than 50,000 Quebecers.

The PDD professionals play an important role for people with pervasive development disorder so that they can fully play their role in society and that they occupy the place deserved them in school, at work and in various spheres of the community. They are working with the families and loved ones as well as with partners in the middle of the person’s life.

The video was directed by Oui Marketing.


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