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The Autism Society’s 2013 Advocacy Agenda

The Autism Society has a simple goal: To improve the lives of all living with autism. In order to improve lives, we focus on ensuring that all individuals with autism and their families have access to the help they need. When needs are met, people with autism can maximize their dignity and independence and enjoy improved quality of life.

While there has been significant progress since the Autism Society’s founding in 1965, so much more needs to be done to create a society where each person, regardless of abilities, is provided equal opportunity. It comes down to this: The manner in which we provide services must no longer place unnecessary obstacles in the path to that success.

In 2013, the Autism Society, along with 107 affiliates, are pursuing the following points:

Access to services

Health insurance and the Affordable Healthcare Act

The “Haves” and “Have Nots”


Institutional Bias in Long-Term Care Policy



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