Second Annual Autism Spectrum Disorder Vocational Conference

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Registration open for the Second Annual Autism Spectrum Disorder Vocational Conference | June 6-7 2013 | Calgary

The National Conference Committee is excited to announce « What Will It Take? Advancing Vocational Opportunities forPersons with Autism Spectrum Disorders, » the second annual gathering featuring leading international speakers at the forefront of creating meaningful employment opportunities for people on the autism spectrum.

Join a diverse community of stakeholders in generating concrete action strategies for greater vocational opportunity in ASD across Canada!

Featured presenters:

  • Randy Lewis has transformed the workforce in distribution centres for Walgreens, the largest drug retailing chain in the U.S., creating an inclusive environment with opportunities for people with physical and cognitive disabilities
  • Michelle Garcia Winner offers innovative vocational skill development strategies in adults’ natural learning environment. She brings a dynamic focus on ASD skill development for vocational success.
  • Peter Gerhardt is a leader in supports to adolescents and adults with ASD. He focuses on school-to-work transition.

For more information about the speakers and events planned for the conference, please visit The Ability Hub website.

Register now to reserve your spot!

Call for Abstracts is open – the deadline is April 15, 2013

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