CAIT The Source! Antananarivo, Madagascar: a Way to Autonomy

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On the way to autonomy and social and economic integration through the CAIT The Source! Antananarivo, Madagascar


Help Center for Integrated Work hosts and trains young people with mental disabilities from 6 to 32 years to develop their current capabilities and develop new ones
The context

Help Center for Work Integrated (CAIT) « La Source » was opened in the 90 to Anosivavaka Ambohimanarina, a district of the capital. It accommodates 29 children, adolescents and young people with mental disabilities, ages 6 to 32 years. The aim of the host structure and re-educate and train these youth to achieve a level of autonomy to be socially and economically integrated within the Malagasy society.

The escort team and coaching consists of 12 people, including four teachers and two monitors workshops. It also includes responsibilities for personnel assigned to the Centre Annexes, such as cooking for the canteen, cleaning, etc.., A psychomotor therapist, social worker, and a coordinator who oversees the overall activities.

The CAIT is a member of the National Union of Societies for Persons with Intellectual Disability in Madagascar (UNAPHAM), currently chaired by the federation of NGOs White Orchids. It is also linked to the national office of Handicap International in Madagascar.

A learning center autonomy

Mental disability is still unknown and little supported in Madagascar. Often children and young people who are in this situation are hidden by their families in the eyes of society. They therefore have no part in social life, and families, little aware of the capabilities that have yet these children do not want to work for their development, nor has implemented activities or means for support as they grow as they would for their other children without disabilities. They are so totally neglected, left to themselves, and their needs are ignored, even by those who have the responsibility to take care of them.

Sometimes young people with mental disabilities are educated in the regular curriculum, and are team oriented by professors or doctors after they have identified in their different needs than other children. Often it is the team of CAIT, including the social worker, to perform the steps to find these children, adolescents and young people, going to meet the municipal authorities of the capital and families. This is what happens in most cases: the CAIT will pick up the children who were hidden from the eyes of others to support the integration of these young people. This is to ease the burden on parents, but also to enable young people in the future, to be as independent as possible by developing their capacity and develop new ones within the establishment, through various activities. Read all.

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  • IVL 24 H Bis Anosivavaka Ambohimanarina 101 ANTANANARIVO Madagascar
  • +261 34 76 491 92 / 33 02 505 15
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