Can autism be cured?

Dr. Don Stuss, photo Baycrest

To read on NeuroDevNet :

Ontario Brain Institute president highlights NeuroDevNet in Toronto Star editorial on autism genetics

Dr. Don Stuss, president and scientific director of the Ontario Brain Institute, mentions collaboration with NeuroDevNet as helping « create faster, fuller and better understanding of the root causes of the ‘epidemic of autism’ afflicting Canadians, » in a Nov. 26 editorial in the Toronto Star.

In « Integrated research offers hope for answers about autism, » Dr. Stuss writes, « can autism be cured? Not yet, but that doesn’t make it incurable. »

New ways of pursuing research, writes Dr. Stuss, draw together teams of scientists, doctors, engineers, patient advocacy groups and biotech companies to create a network for clinical trials. These « increase the chances that the answer for autism has a better chance of being found sooner, rather than later. »

Click to read Dr. Stuss’s editorial in the Toronto Star.

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