L’enfant des rêves!

Voici un site en anglais: IDSC for Life International Down Syndrom Coalition

Leur mission:

1) Offer support to parents who are new to the Down syndrome diagnosis.

a) We connect parents to each other through IDSC Connect.
b) Share with them up to date information.
c) Direct parents to their local DSA. (Down syndrome associations)
d) Direct parents to organizations that will help them facilitate an adoption plan, if they decide on the adoption option.

2) Create awareness about the current trend by professionals, friends and family, who pressure women to terminate a pregnancy when Down syndrome is diagnosed for their pre born baby.

a) Through Facebook, Twitter, newsletters, and e-blasts.
b) Yearly WDSD video.
c) Contacting politicians, media, physicians to make them aware of the issues, and asking our members to contact them as well.

3) Connect to the Down syndrome associations as a resource to them and their members.

a) The DSA’s refer their members to us who would like to advocate about the issues we address.
b) We update DSA’s about the current issues.

4) Connect to the national Down syndrome organizations as a resource to them and their members.

a) The national groups refer their members to us that would like to advocate about this issue.
b) We collaborate with the national groups about the current issues.
c) We are an affiliate of the NDSC, NDSS, and the IMDSA

5) The media will very often write about the rate of termination of babies with Down syndrome, or they write about Down syndrome in general. Often times, even those who are trying to help us, inadvertently hurt, by using words like “suffering, disease, or down syndrome girl/boy etc” to describe our loved ones. We contact them, and kindly ask them to use people first language, as this shows the dignity for the life of each person.

6) We have been contacted by parents who chose to terminate their pregnancy when they found out they were expecting a baby who has Down syndrome. When they contact us, we direct them to care for hope and healing. As well, we are so grateful for their voices, as they stand with us, in honor of their child they lost. When we say every life is precious, we mean every life, including the life of the mother who made the decision to end her pregnancy, and later regrets her decision.

7) Finally, we share the wonderful things our loved ones with Down syndrome are doing as they share with the world that every life is precious. Not only do the do an amazing job of advocating about their wonderful lives, but they also advocate on behalf of those who cannot advocate for themselves; those who are diagnosed prenatally. We are honored to stand with them telling the world that every life is precious and deserves dignity.

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